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This is great. You know that. I really love this cuz a part of it is really true. the system shows the crowd, here you HAVE to win this, you WANT this more than everything, and of course there are "winners" to make them believe it. This live is soo good. I think it's the same with lotteries these days. If I'm not mistaken only a fraction of those winners doesn't collapse.
After some thinking i asked, who of those 2 "races" were really more poor? Is it really the ghetto people. I mean look at those whites. They're totally brainwashed. They can't do anything anymore. They probably live off commercials!
I mean ghetto people are also brainwashed but not to that extent. I think the ghetto people are more free to build up relationships and such. They are lesser blinded by appearance than the whites. Maybe they even have the luck to to their love hobby.

I loved the cruelness of the system as it not only fucks with the winner and gives them nothing, no it uses the last resources and drains the live out of them. The bitter irony is that those "winners" are the lives for those liveless puppies and idols that keeps ghetto people dreaming of a so-called better live.
I can imagine reaally good how a neutral observer, lets say of europe or something, just not of this animation world, says to the manager of this programm "HEy! He won! you can't just suck his live out! Give him his price!" And the manager laughes wickedly with a high voice. "Puh-lease! As if something like that would be possible! To shape a human like u want! haahhahahha! And even if that would be possible, do you think we would be wasting so much resources and money on such scum!?"

Somehow i feel a bit bad, cuz many ppl commented " I cried" and such, and i saw this and thought "That's how it is." ^^

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Stickman YoYo Stickman YoYo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very good^^

I love this animation^^ it may not be long
1. the music is very very good!! and sooo relaxing^^
2. i like the athmosphere of an opld film 'casue of the flickering
3. the animation itself!! i like that one!
(did you do that music yourself?)